Happy new year Ethereans and welcome back to the fortnightly update on all things Ethereum World! ✨

We want to thank you all for being integral to our 2021 journey and helping us launch the alpha version of Ethereum World. We will have lots of exciting news coming in the next few weeks, with many opportunities for you to get involved and help us bring our vision to life! πŸ™Œ

In this edition:

Co-creating moderating systems for decentralized social networks πŸ•Š

  • Act 1 β€” AKASHA Conversations #2 πŸ”Š
  • Act 2 β€” Starting an Open Design Sprint Challenge for Moderating 🌱
  • The Hot List πŸ”₯

Co-creating moderating systems for decentralized social networks πŸ•Š

Where does web3 go after DeFi? πŸ€”

It gets social! 🀩

And the difference between social and antisocial = new designs for moderating.

Let's figure this out together!

Act 1 β€” AKASHA Conversations #2 πŸ”Š

AKASHA Conversations is a regular webinar exploring the critical questions of decentralized social networking, with expert presentations informing and inspiring open dialogue and action.

Today, we’re hosting our 2nd conversation with guest speaker Joseph Seering, PhD. We’ll explore together what we can learn from web2 moderating practices to better design web3 moderation systems πŸš€

πŸ“… Thursday, 20 January 2022 - 6pm CET

And yes, just like usual, we’ve designed some cool POAPs for attendees to grab! πŸ‘€

Missed the previous conversation? Here’s a recording of our kick-off workshop with guest speaker Dr. Amy Hasinoff πŸŽ₯

Act 2 β€” Starting an Open Design Sprint Challenge for Moderating 🌱

We’ve always believed Ethereum World should be a public good. And so we will only be able to succeed in our mission if we tackle the complex challenge of moderating together.

This is why we’ve turned to the open approach for co-creation, which is deeply rooted in the open-source movement.

We will design, together with our community, the moderation system that will make Ethereum World a delightful gathering space. We’ll join forces together in an open and collaborative way that draws from the experience and ideas of multidisciplinary Ethereans.

Everyone is welcome to join the fun and participate. We’re kicking off our open design sprint in February and we’d love to have you in! πŸ™Œ

The Hot List πŸ”₯

As usual, we feel compelled to show some link love right here! ❀️ Below are some of the top ideas and developments that have been moving the Ethereum space lately!

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Take good care and see you soon for the next edition! πŸš€